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Prof. Rolf-Dieter Heuer(Director-General of CERN) and Prof. Felicitas Pauss(Coordinator of External Relations of CERN) visit Tsinghua University
TeV Working Group in China
CCAST-Tsinghua School on Calorimetry for International Linear Collider
2008 Nobel Prize in Physics ( Report from ScienceNet )
The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics by Prof. Chris Quigg ( English , Chinese )
ILC Physics Summary
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) @ 2008
Overview on IPMU by Hitoshi Murayama
International Linear Collider (ILC)
CCAST Workshop: TeV Physics and LHC
GLD: a large detector concept study for ILC
STAR Muon Detector TDR

Our group meeting will be held by every Thursday afternoon.

2017年7月6日欧洲核子研究中心粲然宣布LHCb实验发现了双粲重子Ξcc++(Xicc++),这是2015年发现五夸克态 以来,LHCb清华组师生再次获得的重要研究成果。LHCb中国组(清华大学、华中师范大学、中国科学院大学、武汉大学)在该研究中大力合作,均作出重要贡献,得到LHCb实验组的高度评价。上图展示了2016数据采集中双粲重子事例候选者的不断积累。 (更多信息)
25 May 2017, Dr. Adi Bornheim from CalTech visited Tsinghua and gave a seminar at TUHEP on Presion Timing Detectors for Particle Physics.
18 April 2017, Dr. Jim Cochran from Iowa State University visited Tsinghua and gave a seminar at TUHEP on Overview of the US ATLAS Operations Program (the bureaucracy of HEP).
16 March 2017, Dr. Guy Wormser from LAL Orsay visited Tsinghua and gave a seminar at TUHEP on Semitauonic B decays: a key window for new Physics.
22 December 2016, Dr. Shanzhen Chen from Manchester Univesity visited Tsinghua and gave a seminar at TUHEP on LHCb vertex locator run-2 operational experience and radiation damage effects.

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